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12/30/2020 Update - Additional $25K available to businesses

Submit by 1/14/2021

RED BANK, NJ - Red Bank RiverCenter applied for and received a $110,000 grant from the NJ Department of Community Affairs to fund COVID-19 relief activities and costs within the Special Improvement District. The initial grant amount was for $85,000; in a second round of funding RiverCenter was granted an additional $25,000.

Half of the grant, $55,000, is allocated to reimburse RiverCenter businesses for COVID-19 expenses to open and operate in accordance with NJ Executive Orders and local health protocols. Details of how you may apply are below.

RiverCenter is expending approximately $30,000 of the grant to support business activities by purchasing ADA curb ramps, new and improved curbside pickup signs, safety cones, trash cans, marketing efforts, and more in the age of COVID-19. The remaining $25,000 will reimburse RiverCenter for staff costs and upgraded technology.

How do I apply for RiverCenter's COVID-19 reimbursement?

You must be the owner of a business, or be a property owner within the Red Bank Special Improvement District. The application may be submitted online or you may submit a paper application. In either case, you must submit receipts for all items which you are seeking reimbursement. The receipts may be scanned and added to the online application or submitted on paper to the RiverCenter office at 140 Broad Street, Suite #2, Red Bank.

What is eligible for reimbursement?

Businesses may seek reimbursement for purchase of any goods or services to convert the business to safe and efficient operation (indoors or outdoors) in accordance with COVID-19 health & safety protocols and recommendations of the CDC and NJ Executive Orders between March 17, 2020 and Dec. 31, 2020.
Examples: Purchase or rental of tents, heaters, additional tables/chairs for outdoor seating. Safety partitions, hand sanitizers, PPE for staff, signage, floor decals, etc. Mortgage, rent, and utilities are reimbursable under Round #2.
What is ineligible for reimbursement?

Anything for which your business previously received COVID-19 reimbursement under the Federal CARES Act funding, NJ EDA funding, PPP, or a similar federal, state, or county program.


Propane tanks and refills.

When are the applications due?

Round #2 Applications are due to the RiverCenter office no later than 5 p.m., Thursday, January 14, 2021 (Round #1 Applications were due Thursday, December 17, 2020.) The application may be submitted online or you may submit a paper application. In either case, you must submit receipts and proof of payment for all items for which you are seeking reimbursement.

Please plan accordingly. RiverCenter staff is available to answer questions and assist with scanning receipts, credit card payment, or cancelled checks, during regular office hours. It is strongly suggested that you call to make an appointment, Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What's the review and the award process?

All applications will be evaluated by a sub-committee of RiverCenter board members and staff. Recommendations will be made to the RiverCenter’s Executive Committee. It is expected that the Round #2 reimbursement checks will be issued the week of January 25.


Through Jan. 14: RiverCenter staff available for questions
1/14: Applications due by 5 p.m.
1/15: Review of applications for completeness and eligibility
Week of 1/18: Recommendation made to Executive Committee and approval
Week of 1/25: Notification of businesses / Checks issued
1/31/2021: Grant period closes

What's the fine-print?

To seek reimbursement, your business must have:

been adversely affected by the COVID-19 Social Distancing Measures or the Stay-at-Home order. (i.e. closed temporarily, had to lay people off, realized at least a 25% drop in sales, etc).
been operating a physical location within the RiverCenter district as of March 17, 2020.
at least two employees (including self) and no more than 100 employees
less than $5 million in gross receipts as of the most recent tax reporting year.
not received reimbursement for the items on this application from any state, federal, or foundation programs (including distributions from the unemployment insurance fund and any form of Federal CARES Act funding).
not have received any COVID-19 relief funding from the NJ Economic Development Authority or any other state business recovery program (excluding unemployment compensation from the Department of Labor and Workforce Development).
Each applicant will be required to sign a Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Certification form before the reimbursement check will be issued.

If you have questions, please call 732-842-4244, ext. 105 or email [email protected].

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